This site is for NC orders only.  If you are not in the Raleigh/Louisburg area, please contact Wheat Montana directly to find your local co-op group.
Bringing Wheat Montana Products to North Carolina Homes


Welcome to the

North Carolina Wheat Montana Co-op.

We are a group of people who
seek to minister to families in North Carolina

by providing a means for them to band

together in order to get the best prices for
the nutritious whole wheat products of

Wheat Montana. We are not employed by

Wheat Montana and our affiliation with them

is that of a consumer co-operative.

Winter Ordering Session

Has Ended

***This will possibly be our last

order as it is time for me

to give up the co-op. 

It may or may not continue,

depending on if anyone volunteers

to take my place. ***

As Wheat Montana has changed their
shipping policies.  

Please note that this is a CO-OP for

families in North Carolina ONLY.

If you are located in a nearby state and are willing to drive to one of our delivery sites for pick up, email Beth Branch via this websites "Contact Us" page linked at the sidebar to the right.

We do NOT SHIP grain to other states. Our delivery site is only in Raleigh,North Carolina.

This website has been created as a place for you to get questions answered and now where you can easily place your order. We order during the months of February and August. During off months the shopping cart feature will be disabled to avoid confusion.

Ordering Schedule

February - Raleigh

August - Raleigh

Feel free to browse the site, especially the FAQ over in the right side bar. You may have to scroll down a bit to find it. After reading the FAQ, if you still have questions, email us.

2015 Winter Order Details

The Winter order will begin January 31st and the shopping cart will be activated at 12:01 a.m. You will have 14 DAYS to order.

If this is your first order, please begin by reading the following  FAQ sections, whose links are in the side bar to the right. 

Ordering and Payment

Raleigh Delivery FAQ


Please feel free to email with questions, but only after you have completely read these FAQ sections. The answers you need are probably there.


Deadline for ordering is

Sunday, February 15th.

Deadline for payment is

Wednesday, Feb. 18th.

Please feel free to refer your friends to us. We have no co-op fees. Anyone can order as long as they are in NC and are willing to drive to the pick up site for their order. We are also open to having deliveries in other areas in the future like Fayetteville, Greenville or further west like Winston-Salem, but each area has to have enough orders to achieve the 5000 lb minimum order. Please email if you are interested in starting something like that. It might take a while to get the word out, but in the mean time, you can still order with us and team up with others in your area for pick up. We have about 10 people in the Burlington area currently who do that every order. Ordering would still be done through this site, but those of you in your area would handle the delivery. Email me if you have questions.

Blessings to each of you!

Beth Branch


Beth Branch

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